All at sea.

Now that we’ve been at sea for a couple of days I’m starting to understand the routine. It consists mostly of eating, however there are a variety of meals to be eaten and locations to eat them in, which adds to the interest. Also one mustn’t forget that the two bars are open regularly throughout the day.
The food is great. We’re assigned a table to sit at for the evening meal throughout the trip, and there are various dress standards for each evening – in ascending order of formality, Red Sea Rig, Running Rig, and Mess Dress. Last night was the captain’s cocktail party so it was a chance to drag the dinner suit out of retirement for that and dinner. We also found out that when we are on St Helena there will be a Diamond Jubilee, formal wear, tickets at the princely sum of £2.50, and so there will be another chance to put on the Ritz.

The horizon and sky are completely different at sea, and the mornings and evenings can be spectacular. We’ve also been lucky with the weather.



About ngawangchogdrub

long term Buddhist; working as a psychologist; keen amateur writer; like to take photographs and do martial arts also.
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