Cape Town and on to the ship.

And so a final walk around downtown Cape Town on a quiet Sunday morning and onto the boat, or rather back to the holes to pick up our stuff, then to the Mission to Seafarers to check in with the people from Andrew Weir Shipping, and wait until we got a ride to the ship.

On board the ship, to our cabin, which is compact but very nice and comfy. Everything is very solidly built, which I guess makes sense on a ship.

Unfortunately we set off a few hours later than scheduled, due to some minor repair – they told us it was minor, anyhow, just something about a little iceberg that wouldn’t be a problem – but we were able to stand on the rear deck and watch the lights of Cape Town recede slowly into the distance and then begin to drop down below the horizon. I would have said ‘sink’ however this gave me an uneasy feeling when someone else said it.





About ngawangchogdrub

long term Buddhist; working as a psychologist; keen amateur writer; like to take photographs and do martial arts also.
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