Ascension Island

Ascension Island is, to be sure, a really interesting place. Volcanic rock and ash dominate almost every view from anywhere, except the very top at Green Mountain.

There is one of the most unusual mixtures of wildlife you’ll see anywhere: land crabs a native there, which is odd enough. Green turtles and their hatchlings are on every beach on the island as well. Birds such as frigate birds and boobies are everywhere. Feral sheep and donkeys are also common, the latter often ushering in the morning with some extended braying in the middle of Georgetown, the main town and dock for the island.

Some of the scenery includes beaches surrounded by lava flows, the rock reflecting the sun’s heat as the day goes on. One of these features a blowhole as well as bright blue water filled with blackfish.

There are also rats and rabbits, which occasionally the land crabs catch and eat. Really. We did also have occasion to see a more normal, beach dwelling crab catch a turtle hatchling, however it was eventually freed and made its way out towards the ocean.

Other stories on the island include a small cemetery for victims of Yellow Fever set in a jagged lava field, and of course the large airfield used mostly by US forces on the island, which also provides transport for British servicemen traveling to and from the Falkland Islands as well as Saints – St Helenians – traveling to the UK and beyond for work, which many of them do, and of course the odd tourist.20120609-214543.jpg20120609-214941.jpg20120609-214237.jpg


About ngawangchogdrub

long term Buddhist; working as a psychologist; keen amateur writer; like to take photographs and do martial arts also.
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