View of Vidareidi, Faroyar

View from the chapel at VidareidI, with ocean and islands in the background.


This breathtaking view presented itself to us at perhaps ten in the evening, after a long overcast day. The silver shingles of the chapel caught the northern light beautifully as we watched the tips of neighbouring islands glow greenly beside the Atlantic ocean.

About ngawangchogdrub

long term Buddhist; working as a psychologist; keen amateur writer; like to take photographs and do martial arts also.
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2 Responses to View of Vidareidi, Faroyar

  1. Melinda Hall says:

    Beautiful photo, where was this taken?

    • At a village called Vidareidi, the northernmost village on the Faroe Islands. The chapel itself features in a very popular novel from the Faroes, as the vicarage attached was the home of a famous woman, wife of the minister there.

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